Normalize Blood Pressure


Since becoming a Seventh-day Adventist six years ago in Jamaica, I became aware of the health message that the church has. From watching the program Wonderfully Made on 3ABN , I found out about the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program at Weimar Institute.


I have suffered with hypertension for the past thirty-two years and was very excited to know that I could live a lifestyle that could reverse or improve my condition. I imagined how I would feel not having to take my medication and with my high blood pressure under control just from eating the right kind of food and exercise.


My dream eventually became a reality in October of this year when I registered for the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program. From the moment I entered the facility I felt confident that this was an answer to prayer. I started learning the importance of exercise, proper nutrition, fresh air and rest. I am also being taught how to prepare these meals so that I will be able to do this by myself at home. I feel pampered with the hydrotherapy, massages and personal attention, visits to the doctors and the interest displayed in my recovery to good health.


After only 11 days at NEWSTART my blood pressure was already lower and without medication! I have gotten to like the food which was totally new to me and I have been surprised, because the food, which is the key to all these illnesses, coupled with the benefits of exercise has totally turned my life around. I am still working on getting the blood pressure to normal levels after 32 years of medication.


NEWSTART is really a new start for me for the rest of my life and with the help of God, I plan to continue this lifestyle. My life is completely changed and TO GOD BE THE GLORY.


David and Mary

Mary Rollans

A cruise aboard ship couldn't be better than my experience here at NEWSTART. I feel so good after just one week! The food is marvelous and guilt free and the hydrotherapy and massage has been so relaxing. I sleep at night and awaken with more energy and I'm gaining strength. We have made new friends and have enjoyed hiking and going on picnics with them. The care we receive is genuine because the staff care about us and even pray for us. The most exciting thing is how my husband David's blood pressure and cholesterol has dropped to normal without medication!


David Rollans

My experience here NEWSTART has been a wonderful blessing. I came just in time because when I came my heart wasn't getting enough blood. Now I praise God I'm not having the same amount of angina that I had before. My blood pressure has dropped over fifteen points and I have been taken off my cholesterol medication. I've lost three pounds and I feel wonderful. Now when I sleep I wake up rested. I haven't felt this good in years. I can't praise the Lord enough!


Samuel and Marlene

We were so thrilled with the miniature five day NEWSTART Program that we attended back in the United Kingdom, that we decided to travel 6000 miles from Northern Ireland to participate in the 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle Program at Weimar Institute in California.


The first time we attended the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program it was all that we had understood it to be and had hoped for. We will be eternally grateful for the dedication of all the staff in caring for the guests. As a result of their care and the lifestyle changes we both benefited considerably. After attending the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program Marlene went on to lose 30 lbs in weight, she reduced her blood pressure and considerably increased her mobility.


Having enjoyed this wonderful program we came again for a second time again just for the experience. We would without reservation recommend the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program.



My medical conditions were many. Most of them started four years ago with one exception, I have had irritable bowel syndrome for over ten years. My chest pains started four years ago, my cholesterol was on going, my high blood pressure and weight problem came along with these conditions. I could not walk more then twenty feet without pain in the chest. The I.B.S. continued to wake me up in the night. All these conditions taken together made me a pretty miserable person.


It finally came down to my cardiologist telling me that he could do no more and if I wanted relief I should attend a session at the Weimar Institute. Telling me also that he saw this as my last chance for a cure. I had confidence in the doctor (Stephen Peters M.D.) as he had attended a session at the Weimar Institute with his son with great results.


To make a long story short, I left Weimar with no pain, lost sixteen pounds, LDL down, HDL up, blood pressure down to normal, I.B.S gone, chest pain gone, down to two pills a day and soon to be none.


Weimar gave me what I asked for and a lot more. If you believe, then it can work miracles.


Dr. Gnanamuthu S. Wilson

My doctors said I would never recover; five months later I proved them wrong.

A major stroke put him in hospital for weeks. He is making a full recovery after 5 months on the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program at Weimar Institute.

In April I came to Weimar in a wheelchair with no motor control on the right side of my body. Doctors gave me no hope for recovering from a major stroke. They predicted I would be confined to bed rest and would only be able to get around in a wheelchair or with a quad-cane. Five months later, not only am I walking three-plus miles a day, but my life has made a complete turn-around and it's all because of NEWSTART.


Head of the Department of Humanities at Strayer University, where I had been an active professor for the last nine years, I was enjoying teaching in the prime of health until a major stroke brought me to a hospital bed. With the focus center located in the brain stem, I lost all motor control on the right side of my body, my right leg becoming paralyzed and right hand weak and unusable.


After being admitted to Potomac Hospital in Virginia, my doctors predicted I would be in hospital and rehabs for a year. Four days later I was released to the National Rehab Center from where I went from rehab to rehab for the next nine weeks. Each one was the area’s best; yet they gave me no hope for recovering. I began suffering from sky-high cholesterol and blood sugar and a blood pressure of 188/115. I had many sleepless nights and lived with an abnormally rapid heartbeat. As I grew sicker by the day, and as doctors tried their best to reverse my condition, I continued to be served fat-filled meats and foods drenched in oil, butter, sugar, and milk.


Finally I decided to handle this myself. While prayerfully searching the web one day, I came across Weimar Institute of Health and Education, a website that promoted health and healing through the use of natural remedies and a whole-foods diet. It promised a complete overhauling of my eating habits, banning milk, meat, butter, mayonnaise, oil, and sugar, and reverting completely to a plant-based vegetarian diet with plenty of raw foods.


I entered the 18-day program and with the help of Dr. Clarence Ing and many other friendly staff, my health began to turn around. To date, I have logged 380 miles on the trails and I keep walking! My leg has become strong, my hand has been restored again, and my motor control has come back. My blood pressure now fluctuates from 125/60 to 138/70, my cholesterol has dropped from 207 to 186, and my blood sugar has returned to normal.


All I can say is, once more, NEWSTART has achieved its ultimate goal changing lives through changing me, a bed-ridden stroke patient, back into a vibrant healthy 73-year old who is excited about life again. It is truly an amazing miracle!


Dr.Wilson today continues teaching students and challenging their bright enquiring minds.