Overcome Depression


Depression. Obesity. Heart Disease. Fibromyalgia. Alcohol. Drugs. These are just a few of the things I,ve had to deal with. I lived in that long, dark tunnel with no light at the end. The doctors said, "This is your life, get used to it." I was so sick with pain, anger, and hopelessness. I used to beg God, night after night, "Please, let me go to sleep and die!" Yet, at the same time, I still had a kernel of hope. Maybe, just maybe, something would change. For over 10 yrs. I lived with unrelenting pain and couldn't care for my children.


A friend had mentioned Weimar to me. I didn't want to hear it. Eat rabbit food, I thought? But, then I started researching and decided, I was dying anyway, why not? When I first arrived, I was very skeptical that this program could help me. I had been sick for so many years. Had tried so many different therapies, drugs, herbs, massage etc.


Weimar was offering something a little bit different. When have you ever in your life had a doctor pray with you and for you? Or walk with you? Or come to your room late at night to make sure you are okay? Everywhere you go, everywhere you look there are people here who care. Not because they are paid to. Not because they just want your money. They truly care! I learned about the proper diet, exercise, healing emotionally, spiritually and physically. I am now walking 4-5 miles a day, minimum and some days more. I've hiked mountains. I swim. I am preparing myself to walk a marathon. I am no longer depressed. I take NO medications. I'm losing weight faster than I thought possible. It's been so many years since I've felt so happy and joyful.


How much is real health worth? To feel good again? It's worth everything!



I am originally from the Bay area of California. As a child my home was beyond broken! I started recreational drugs, drinking, and smoking to numb myself throughout my lifetime. As an adult I developed fibromyalgia and traded recreational drugs for prescription drugs. I could always quit the alcohol for years at a time, only to pick up where I left off. I never quit smoking cigarettes. I smoked for 37 years.


I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Due to the prescription drugs and alcohol I was never clear and present. I was very unhappy and went into a severe depression. I have always had problems sleeping but my insomnia was now off the charts. My average night's sleep was two to three hours usually drug and alcohol induced. I was in a vicious cycle and getting nowhere. After dropping 12 more pounds I could barely look at myself. With my family's support I decided I needed to get help. I knew there was a way to do it, even get off the medications I was taking from so called medical doctors. I knew I was going to need help to do it all.


I've lived in Auburn for the last 17 years with Weimar being only 10 miles away. I thought it was only for diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure or weight issues, etc. With a bit of research I called Weimar and by that afternoon I was up touring the campus and within two weeks I started my 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle Program.


Now I am tobacco, alcohol, and almost pain free. I walk five to ten miles a day and I sleep six to seven hours per night. Most important I am back to my old self again. Happy to be alive: A WHOLE NEW PERSON. I owe my new life to the NEWSTART program. The staff is truly incredible. They are there for you whenever you need anything with their unending support and love. I can't thank them enough. I want my entire family to go through the program so we can all live happy healthy lives together.