Reverse Diabetes


In November 2008 I weighed 303 lbs. I was drinking beer about three times a week, gambling until all hours of the night and eating a steady diet of McDonalds and Burger King. It became so bad that I began missing work. My sister talked me into going to NEWSTART and a couple of days later I was on a plane. I went through the 18-day Newstart Lifestyle program and lost 19 pounds. My ankles were no longer swollen and I was off my medication, even though I really did not make an effort to learn as much as I could and I did not participate 100% in the program. Sadly, when I returned home I returned to the old lifestyle.


Almost a year later in September 2009 I was now up to 316 lbs. My blood pressure was high again and my knee was swollen. I went back to NEWSTART, but this time I was totally dedicated and my results were great. The swelling on my knee was gone in four days from the excellent hydrotherapy and massages. I could not touch my toes when I arrived I could barely touch my knees. My therapist was amazing and he really pushed me to walk and stretch, my mobility has improved 100%. I lost 25.6 pounds and my blood pressure is now in the 118-114/82-78 range. My total cholesterol came down 77 points to 166 and my LDL came down 13 points to 94. My triglycerides came down 105 points to 148 and my sugar came down 29 points to 78. They are now all normal again! I am going back home with everything I need to implement this lifestyle and live a healthy life.



When I was 38, my doctor told me that I would not see 40, but here I am, 45 years old and in very good health. Ten years ago I became very ill. It took 9 months and nearly 20 different doctor's visits to be diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a rare autoimmune disease. The primary treatment for this disease is prednisone, which suppresses the immune system and comes with many side effects including weight gain and it can lead to diabetes.


After over a year and a half of taking prednisone, I gained over 160 pounds and developed diabetes. Eventually I was hospitalized with a blood sugar reading of 1300. The doctor in the emergency room was amazed that I was still conscious. The doctor gave me 180 units of insulin a day for the diabetes, yet my blood sugar was still constantly over 500. The diabetes was so severe that I would wake up every night completely dehydrated with severe cramps in all of my lower leg muscles. By this time I had also been diagnosed with lupus and was given another powerful drug with bad side effects, methotrexate.


One day, I received an email from a friend telling me about Weimar Institute's program for reversing diabetes. I was very skeptical about it, yet I was eager to try anything that might help. I went there actually hoping that one of the doctors there might know of a natural substitute for the prednisone, I was not expecting it to do anything for my diabetes. By the second day of the program, my blood sugar reading was 356, a lot lower than it had ever been since I became a diabetic. The morning of the third day, my blood sugar had dropped to 84, and within 3 weeks, I was able to stop taking insulin and my blood sugar stabilized at around 82.


Within three months I was able to stop taking all medications and my doctors were surprised that I no longer had any symptoms of sarcoidosis, arthritis, diabetes, or lupus. One of my doctors even called it a miracle.



About ten years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was 435 lbs., and way out of shape with little to no exercise and my eating habits were atrocious. Most people said they eat to live but I lived to eat. I was so sick in my desire for what I thought was decent nourishment that I'd order a bucket of chicken at KFC, gobble it all down fast, discard the trash and air out the car by driving on the freeway in the opposite direction from home for a while so that by the time I got home my wife wouldn't tell what had occurred. I didn't care how serious my diabetes was until I developed neuropathy and it became too difficult for me to walk. My wife was in major tears and could only see her husband throwing way his life at an early age. She remarked that she could see her husband with amputated legs and knocking on deaths door.


When I arrived at NEWSTART, along with the rest of the treatment, I adopted their lifestyle of truly nutritionally healthy eating and exercise. My weight loss exceeded my expectations, more than 40lbs in the two sessions I was there, and my insulin has gone down from 112 units per day to 8 units per day and my neuropathy is slowly reversing. By the end I was able to do up to 18 miles a day on the recumbent bike. Thanks to the care and warmth of the staff and the help of the Lord, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and my life is taking an about face.


I would say that if you want to extend your life and finally become the You you've always wanted to be, then the 18-day NEWSTART program at Weimar is where you want to be. Think about it, how much would you pay to extend your life?