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In November 2008 I weighed 303 lbs. I was drinking beer about three times a week, gambling until all hours of the night and eating a steady diet of McDonalds and Burger King. It became so bad that I began missing work. My sister talked me into going to NEWSTART and a couple of days later I was on a plane. I went through the 18-day Newstart Lifestyle program and lost 19 pounds. My ankles were no longer swollen and I was off my medication, even though I really did not make an effort to learn as much as I could and I did not participate 100% in the program. Sadly, when I returned home I returned to the old lifestyle.

Almost a year later in September 2009 I was now up to 316 lbs. My blood pressure was high again and my knee was swollen. I went back to NEWSTART, but this time I was totally dedicated and my results were great. The swelling on my knee was gone in four days from the excellent hydrotherapy and massages. I could not touch my toes when I arrived, and I could barely touch my knees. My therapist was amazing and he really pushed me to walk and stretch, my mobility has improved 100%. I lost 25.6 pounds and my blood pressure is now in the 118-114/82-78 range. My total cholesterol came down 77 points to 166 and my LDL came down 13 points to 94. My triglycerides came down 105 points to 148 and my sugar came down 29 points to 78. They are now all normal again! I am going back home with everything I need to implement this lifestyle and live a healthy life.


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