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Campus Tour

Campus Tour

The Location

Weimar University is ideally located in the foothills of the Sierras, at about the 2,000 ft. elevation, above the valley fog and below the heavy snow. Entering the campus you see trees of many kinds, overarching beautiful lawns and flowerbeds causing one visitor to exclaim, I just had to come up to the Weimar Gardens today!


Campus in Numbers

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Miles of Campus Trails
Campus Acres

Services Available on Campus


At the Weimart, our little campus store many things can be purchased. Some of which are:

  • total vegetarian health foods (frozen, fresh, bulk, etc)
  • Fresh Bread
  • Christian Literature, CDs, DVDs
  • Nutritional Supplements

Online orders can be placed under:


Our cafeteria serves delicious food tailored to diabetics’ needs.
This diet consists of wholesome foods, prepared by our chefs. The lack of animal products and highly processed foods has a vitalizing effect on both the body and the mind.

The other part of the cafeteria is also open to visitors during the week and partially over the weekend.


A look at the Trail map shows you the five campus entrances to the trails area, and miles of trails that lead along the creeks and hillsides. It shows where the steep places are, so that you can choose the relatively level paths or more strenuous routes. Starting out among the ponderosa pines of the campus, you may find your way through oak woodlands, next to blackberry and grapevine thickets, across open meadows, into cedar groves with ferns, or along the creek with its willows and alder trees. In many places the vegetation arches over the path, and the temperature is ten or more degrees cooler than elsewhere, a relief in the summer. Or you might see people from local walking groups, or marathon runners, or people enjoying horseback riding on the trails where horses are permitted. And you might find NEWSTART guests walking for their health and enjoyment in accordance with the NEWSTART mantra, walk, walk, walk!

The Stallant Health Clinic

The clinic is available for guests as well as local patients. Your assigned doctor will see you there two times a week, or more as needed. You will have lab work done when you arrive, and your doctor will explain the results of it and of your treadmill test, which the doctors do at the beginning of your stay here. The doctors are Board Certified, and have had years of experience working with and teaching Lifestyle Medicine. Besides your regular appointments with the doctor, they are available for emergencies 24-7.

Go to Stallant Health’s Webpage.

Weimar Inn

At our inn we offer rooms from basic to premium. An awesome place to take a few days off and rest.

More info:


When you come to the NEWSTART Lifestyle Center, you will see a campus with numerous buildings, interspersed with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. All the amenities you will need such as lecture room, exercise room, doctor’s office, and dining room will be within a short distance from where you will stay. Your home while you are here is called the NEWSTART Lodge, located in the center of the campus. Each room includes a private bath, air conditioning and heating (controlled in each room), modest furnishings, and housekeeping services. The lobby is a comfortable family room for all the Guests with a fire place, grand piano, and a computer. There is a free laundry room for doing your personal laundry. There is 24 hour nursing coverage in the Lodge, and a doctor is available for any further needs. Emergency services have easy access and are just minutes away.

“It’s never too early or too late to work towards becoming the healthiest you.”

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