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Will my insurance pay towards the program?

Reimbursement is dependent on your insurance company and their policy. NEWSTART cannot guarantee full or partial reimbursement of your medical service fees. (Program service fees generally are not covered by insurance. Confer with your tax consultant about whether these fees may reduce your tax liability.) The Stallant Health Clinic accepts credit cards, personal checks, or money orders. Checks or money orders payable for the medical service fee should be made payable to Stallant Health Clinic.

Are the private rooms with bathroom and shower?

Yes. All the rooms have private bathrooms and showers.

Is there wi-fi in the rooms?


Where is the closest airport?

Sacramento International Airport – SMF.

Is transportation from the airport included?

No. It’s not included, but there are some options:

  • Philip Williamson
    • (706)996-3311

Is there cell phone coverage?

Yes. Cell phone coverage is good here for most companies.

Is there laundry facilities?


Do you have NEWSTART in other locations?

No, however there are several of our sister institutions in the United States:

Do you take payments?

No, but we encourage you to contact your church, family or utilize social media to help you with the costs. Then later you can help others when they are in need.

How long is the program?

18 days

When should I arrive?

Registration is on Sunday from 1:00-4:00pm we are about an hour from the Sacramento airport.

When should I book my departure flight?

Your only appointment on your last day is Breakfast at 8:00am and we are about an hour from the airport. Check out is by 11:00am on Thursday the last day of the session.

Do you have shorter programs?

At this time we encourage you to come to our annual Health Summit that we have at the end of June for 4 days.

What are your transportation options?

Airport – fly into Sacramento (SMF) then contact Philip Williamson 706-996-3311 ($60 cash for one person, $70 for two)
Train or Bus – if you arrive in Colfax: we will pick you up if you make arrangements with us.
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