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Are you concerned about COVID-19?
Join our research study.

Participate in a research study looking at how HYDROTHERAPY affects the IMMUNE response.

Research study dates:

October 25 – November 13, 2020

Study requires in-person session 3 times a week at the NEWSTART Building in Weimar Insti tute for duration of 1 hour each session for 3 consecutive weeks (total of 9 sessions).

Participants will receive:

Sauna or contrast shower sessions (if randomly selected)

Pre-screening, blood tests

Token payment

– of $75 cash (pro-rated)
– The cash will be given on the final     day of the 3-week intervention.

Participants Needed


• Age 18-61
• Healthy, based on pre-screening
• Stable heart disease
• Stable blood pressure
• No diabetic nerve damage or numbness


• Weimar Institute
• 20601 West Paoli Lane
• Weimar, California 95736


• Shirley Flores, MSN, RN
[email protected]
• 407-592-4808

Intake Form

Fill in the following information about the STUDY PARTICIPANT. Your answers to the following questions will be used for research purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential.

Intake Form

Section A: Participant Information

2. What is your gender? *

Section B: Participant Medical History

3. Do you have a history of the following conditions?
Bleeding disorders *
Diabetic neuropathy *
Edema or varicose veins *
Heart disease *
Hypertension Any infection *
Nerve and sensation disorders Open wounds *
Orthostatic hypotension Pregnancy *
Seizures *
4. If yes to any condition in question 3, are you taking medications for those conditions?


Section C: Participant Inclusion Status

Participant Stable
Participant Unstable

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