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I was born in San Francisco, CA. I became well acquainted with the streets and was deeply involved with drugs, and thought nothing of drinking a bottle or two of wine with dinner most of my life.

At age 62 I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. The doctors wanted to do a 5-way bypass and I resisted to the end. I looked for an alternative and found a place called Weimar Institute that could reverse my condition. I called Weimar and was advised to get up there right away and go through the program. When I told my wife and family they thought I had flipped out. After visiting UC Davis Medical Center and talking with five cardiologists, they advised me to proceed with the surgery. I underwent a 5-way bypass and I thought this was the end of my days. After the bypass I began my long road back to being able to walk and take care of myself.

One day I realized I couldn’t go on living like this. I was scared to death with diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, I couldn’t sleep, was angry most of the time and the truth be known, I was a drunk. My wife said, “What about that place you told me about, Weimar?”

I signed up for the 18-day NEWSTART Lifestyle Program. After three days on the program, I stopped taking my diabetes meds, and three days later I stopped two high blood pressure meds. The excess weight began to melt away and by the end of 18 days, I lost 20 pounds. To date, I have lost a total of 70 lbs, have more energy than when I was a young man, look better than ever, and can actually walk several miles per day without panting.

We are truly blessed and owe a great deal to Weimar, the NEWSTART program, and the staff that made our stay an experience of a lifetime. Wellness is a matter of choice. By following the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program, I have regained my health and hope for a long and happy life.


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