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Normalize Blood Pressure

Here are a few stories which our guests shared with us to share with you. If are inquiring about a condition not listed, please give us a call and we will gladly share with you more information.


My chest pains started four years ago, my cholesterol was on going, my high blood pressure and weight problem came along with these conditions.


I have suffered with hypertension for the past thirty-two years and was very excited to know that I could live a lifestyle that could reverse or improve my condition.

David and Mary

My blood pressure has dropped over fifteen points and I have been taken off my cholesterol medication. Now when I sleep I wake up rested.

Samuel and Marlene

After attending the NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program Marlene went on to lose 30 lbs in weight, she reduced her blood pressure and considerably increased her mobility.

Dr. Gnanamuthu

“My doctors said I would never recover… five months later I proved them wrong.”

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