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Be Still | Dean Cullinane

In these days of social distancing and isolation, many of us aren’t sure what to do with all this time. Could it be that these days are an opportunity for a personal reset? In today’s video, Dean Cullinane, popular youth speaker and Weimar Academy dean, explores this idea and more.

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“Fight Coronavirus With Positive Thinking” – Dr Eddie Ramirez

Ever hear of psychoneuroimmunology? It’s a new field of research developed over the last decade on the mind-body connection or how our emotions and ways of thinking affect our immunology. In this NEWSTART video, Dr. Eddie Ramirez, researcher and medical doctor, shares psychoneuroimmunology research shown to decrease anxiety and increase your immune system.

“Fight Coronavirus With Sleep” – Dr Roger Gallant

These days people are actively searching for ways to boost immunity but what if one of the best immunity boosters is to just stop and rest? Studies show it is, but certain sleep tips can give us even more benefits. In today’s video, Dr. Roger Gallant, NEWSTART medical director, shares how to harness the power of rest for a stronger immune system.

“Fight Coronavirus as a Diabetic” – Dr Nedley

According to news reports, diabetics and others with lowered immunity are at greater risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, Dr. Neil Nedley, Weimar Institute president, shares simple NEWSTART immunity-boosters and encouragement for those with diabetes and others with immunity issues.

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