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Introduction | Total Community Immunity | NEWSTART

Although we’re not able to go out for Weimar Institute’s Total Community Involvement (TCI) days, we still want to help. So, we’re staying in and focusing on Total Community Immunity through a new video series brought to you by NEWSTART. Through evidence-based information, each episode will give you simple ways to boost and maintain a healthy immune system during these times and beyond.

Quarantine | Don Mackintosh

Worried about quarantine and the threat of disease? Is there anything that can give us peace in these turbulent and uncertain times? Pastor Don Mackintosh shares some thoughts that give insight into the desires that God has for our protection and preservation. These things have brought peace to many and we hope it does the same for you.

“The Best Coronavirus Prevention” – Dr Nedley

Dr. Nedley joins Pastor Doug Batchelor with Amazing Facts to discuss the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the fears surrounding it and how to build up your immune system to avoid the effects of the virus.

For more information on building up your immune system, visit our website

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